Founded in 2019, Hallandia V AB is passionate about creating sustainable change within healthcare systems by applying data - driven management. We partner with leading healthcare systems to bring them transformational change through value - based health analytic s tools.

Our platform, SHAARPEC, enables data - driven healthcare system management and personalized precision health.


We are clinicians and healthcare system leaders. We know the challenge of healthcare delivery and financial control from within the system. We combine this with the latest research from data scientists and IT architecture.

Philip D Anderson, Founder and Chairman of Hallandia V AB

  • Assistant Professor, Emergency Medicine, Harvard Medical School
  • Emergency Medicine Specialist with 30+ years of clinical experience with the Harvard teaching hospital network and other university hospital settings, currently at Brigham and Women’s Hospital, a major teaching affiliate of Harvard Medical School, Boston, Massachusetts
  • Director, Emergency Medicine International Collaborations, Brigham and Women’s Hospital, with 20+ years of consulting experience

Thomas Davidsson, Founder and CEO of Hallandia V AB

  • Extensive experience as CFO and CEO in international environments and across industries such as manufacturing, IT, telecommunications and medtech.
  • Holds an MBA from Stockholm School of Economics.

Karin Moberg, COO of Hallandia V AB

  • 20+ years in telecommunications in both operations and non-executive positions.
  • Holds an MBA from University of Stockholm.

Torkel Strömsten, Co-founder

  • Associate Professor, Department of Accounting, Stockholm School of Economics and Professor, Royal Institute of Technology, Industrial Management.
  • Program Director and Lecturer, vast range of academic responsibilities within the academic sector.
  • Independent consultant, board member and investor.
  • Involved in executive instruction for over 15 years.


HALLANDIA V AB is on a mission to create sustainable healthcare systems. If you share the same passion and want to join our team, please e-mail us at jobs@SHAARPEC.com. We are currently hiring data scientists, dev ops, clinicians who are interested in transformational system change, and project managers with experience in healthcare systems.

We have offices in Stockholm, Sweden and Boston, Massachusetts, USA.

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