The solution

The solution to the challenges of the healthcare systems is to link all clinical, financial and resources data in one data layer and then analyze it from the perspective of the patient’s pathway rather than the organizational structure. We call this solution SHAARPEC.

SHAARPEC is designed to enable sustained value creation for healthcare systems regardless of underlying systems and financial models.

Within SHAARPEC, all of the data is organized from a patient perspective enabling

  • Analysis from the patient/population level
  • Understanding of flows and utilization across the system
  • Understanding of outcomes and costs at the patient and population level across the system

In short, SHAARPEC is an effective solution to persistent challenges within healthcare systems

  • SHAARPEC makes use of existing data
  • SHAARPEC is a platform not a one-time analysis
  • SHAARPEC is a tool for democratization of data and insights
  • SHAARPEC provides a means of evaluating and prioritizing proposed initiatives
  • SHAARPEC quantifies the value of the initiatives from the specific healthcare system
  • The platform works on prem as well as in the cloud and is GDPR/HIPAA compliant.
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