SHAARPEC research

The research

Real-world evidence research made possible through SHAARPEC.

  • With all clinical data gathered in one platform, SHAARPEC enables real-world evidence studies across a population rather than a sample of patients.
  • Research and benchmarking are made feasible by applying several techniques compliant with GDPR and HIPAA. The data never leaves the care premises, while the query moves from one SHAARPEC-platform to the next. Hence, from one population to the next.

Articles of interest

  • Ashfaq A, Lönn S, Nilsson H, Eriksson J, Wallenfeldt T, Kwatra J, Yasin Z, Slutzman J, Obermeyer Z, Anderson PD, Lingman M. Data profile: Regional Healthcare Information Platform in Halland, Sweden a dedicated environment for healthcare research. International Journal of Epidemiology. (accepted 2019)

    Read the article here 
  • Blom MC, Ashfaq A, Sant’Anna A, Anderson PD, Lingman M. Training machine learning models to predict 30-day mortality in patients discharged from the Emergency Department. BMJ Open. (accepted 2019) bmjopen-2018-028015.R2

    Read the article here 
  • Yasin Z, Ashfaq A, Anderson PD, Lingman M, Kwatra J, Slutzman J, Agvall B. Heart failure patients receiving care according to national guidelines have lower total costs – an observational study in Region Halland, Sweden. European Heart Journal – Quality of Care and Clinical Outcomes. (admitted 2020)

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