Synthetic Data Generator

SHAARPEC’s synthetic Data Generator

The SHAARPEC Synthetic Data Generator is the key to unlock synthetic yet realistic health records that can be securely shared across organizations.

We are revolutionizing the industry by advancing AI applications in healthcare that do not compromise on patient privacy. Discover the scientific foundation of our cutting-edge solution in our Nature Digital Medicine paper.

Our team is dedicated to evolving our technology and our generative AI models to unprecedented heights.

We are well on our way to providing the world’s highest quality, integrity-preserving synthetic data to our customers.

Intrigued? Reach out to us to uncover the full potential of our innovative solutions!

AI and synthetic data solutions with AI-Podden.

Erik Brandt, our Chief Data Scientist speaks about AI and synthetic data solutions with AI-Podden. Erik shares our work within healthcare and how we use AI for more efficient systems to better allocate resources and free up time for doctors to do less administration to help more patients.

Listen to the podcast here: Avsnitt 92: Transforming Healthcare with AI | AI-Podden,  or press the play-button below. 

Photo credit: AI-podden