SHAARPEC healthcare analysis platform

Transforming information-driven care

SHAARPEC is an effective tool to persistent challenges within healthcare systems. The platform enables end-to-end analysis of the healthcare system, facilitates effective healthcare solutions and turns healthcare data into actionable insights  

SHAARPEC has been developed by clinicians for clinicians. 

Connecting and structuring data from different databases

The platform connects clinical, operational, cost, system resource and capacity information at the patient encounter level and structures the data into longitudinal patient trajectories.

Patient trajectories

The patient trajectory structure enables analysis of preventive care, medication, and improvements in capacity utilization.

SHAARPEC enables sustainable change

SHAARPEC’s analysis capabilities empower healthcare systems to understand the effect of change initiatives and implement sustainable change for better health outcomes.


SHAARPEC is passionate about sustainable healthcare systems that focus on patients. We partner with leading healthcare systems to bring them transformational change through value-based health analytics tools. Our platform enables analysis and facilitates effective healthcare solutions based on policy, clinical and financial information. We make it possible to keep the patient at the centre across a care continuum within one or several organisations. We are on out mission to empower healthcare management to establish sustainable healthcare systems. 

How it works

SHAARPEC is a healthcare analysis platform that makes use of existing data. The SHAARPEC platform enables analysis of the health system end-to-end. Analyses such as patient encounter cost, evaluation and prioritization among proposed initiatives, compliance with evidence-based guidelines and predictive modelling are all possible with the implementation of SHAARPEC. 

The platform is preferably hosted on premises and is GDPR/HIPAA compliant. 




Secure data


SHAARPEC was founded


Satisfied users

Can SHAARPEC improve your work?

In the last few years, we have worked with Care Organizations who have asked the question: How can we create a sustainable care organization? 

By implementing SHAARPEC they turn data into insights. One organization cut the annual budget by 2% despite a population increase of 4,5%. Yet they maintained their top-quality rating.

“When we finally had a shared view of our current situation, we got the courage to take the required decisions and the power for transformation. We have gone from arguing over which data is correct to actually improving the care. 
There is no return. Now we proceed with AI-algorithms, precision medicine and the democratization of data.”

Jörgen Preuss
Region Director, Region Halland


Actionable insights to your data

Connecting and structuring your data from different parts of the healthcare system. Data-driven management tool for understanding care processes and evaluating change initiatives. 

Allocating resources

Allocate resources to where they are needed the most. Improve overall care delivery while staying within the budget. 

Optimize care quality

The patient trajectory approach puts the individual patient in the focus to improve their experience and care quality. 

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